Sandra O'Brien for Treasurer

Financial Experience That Matters

A proven financial watchdog

Sandra knows numbers.  She understands complex budgets that your towns and businesses depend on to survive, having served for twelve years doing exactly that.  A wife, a mother, a student, and a teacher, Sandra brings a lifetime of proven experience as the financial conservative that the Treasurer's office needs.



Sandra is a proven financial conservative.  Her service as Ashtabula County Auditor was extraordinary.  She restored financial integrity to Ashtabula County government and denied tax increases when they weren’t needed.  In 2005 the Ashtabula County Commissioners attempted to impose an unnecessary sales tax increase. Sandra led a successful referendum to defeat the tax increase by garnering 78% of the vote. As auditor she served on the county’s Investment Advisory Board.  She received the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association every year she was in office.  She was also a recipient of the Outstanding Auditor’s Award.  Sandra served as President of the Northeast Ohio Auditors Association.

Why is She Running?

Financial experience matters, and no candidate for Treasurer of State is more qualified than Sandra: 

  •       Served for twelve years as an elected Chief Financial Officer
  •       Handled over a billion dollars in funds
  •       Managed a large staff of over 20 employees, including financial specialists, performance auditors for public offices, and fraud nvestigators in weights and measures.

As Treasurer I intend to preserve Ohio’s financial resources through monitoring, management and investing in a prudent manner.  I will prioritize sound financial policy in managing the state’s multi-billion dollar portfolios.  I will closely monitor and maintain adequate safeguards, ensure money is invested properly, set benchmarks, monitor investment performance, evaluate the performance of investment managers and monitor active depositories and required collateral.


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